The Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics (PSED) research program is designed to enhance the scientific understanding of how people start businesses. The projects provide valid and reliable data on the process of business formation based on nationally-representative samples of nascent entrepreneurs, those active in business creation. PSED I began with screening in 1998-2000 to select a cohort of 830 with three follow-up interviews. A control group of those not involved in firm creation is available for comparisons. PSED II began with screening in 2005-2006, followed by six yearly interviews. The information obtained includes data on the nature of those active as nascent entrepreneurs, the activities undertaken during the start-up process, and the characteristics of start-up efforts that become new firms.

The interview schedule for the PSED I or II may be replicated in whole or part with the citation Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan.

NEW Five Cohort Outcomes Harmonized Data Set available 3/28/18
Updated PSED I & II Bibliography available 7/21/18.

For requests to add data bases on confidential geographic data fields for PSEDII please email
The following is the process:
Your organization sends UM the data fields to be merged by FIPS code, State, ADI, or DMA.
UM merges the extra variables by the confidential geographic location variables and then UM sends the merged fields with the SAMPIDs to match up the downloadable data from
Due to respondent confidentiality (IRB), we are not able to provide the raw data for these confidential geographic data fields, but can merge other variables based on them to the data set.
There is a nominal fee and up to a three-week turn-around on each leg of the process.

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